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A M Salvidge Computer Solutions are able to sell upgrades for your current PC.  This may include a new Printer, TFT Screen, Online Backup or Hard Drive/USB Backup, Security Software or Business Software such as Microsoft Office.


Additionally A M Salvidge Computer Solutions can assist you if you wish to purchase a new PC or laptop but have no idea what to purchase. 


We can transfer data from an old PC or laptop, as well as configure email, printers, security software and any other items that you need working on the new PC.


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A M Salvidge Computer Solutions can assist you if you have fallen victim to a scam and have a computer that is running very slowly or displaying strange popup messages or toolbars.


Have you recently purchased an iPad/Tablet/Mobile Phone that you need us to set up correctly for you?  This can include connecting it to your existing internet connection and configuring email, installing applications or advice on how to use it.




A M Salvidge Computer Solutions can assist you by performing a regular PC Health Check (where we remove any problem software that may have made its way onto your computer) and for most of our customers we also renew security software to help prevent problems from reoccuring.